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"Kevin provided great customer service and we will use his company and services again in future transactions to come."

"Kevin was very attentive and responsive to us. He knew the market in our community very well and was able to get us to the rental pricepoint that we prefer."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Country Club Lifestyle Realty different from every other Real Estate Company?

A: At Country Club Lifestyle Realty every customer receives two agents.  In addition we have the broad background unmatched by other Realtors and Real Estate Companies. Everyone receives twice the marketing power of a single agent. We also utilize every aspect of social media, unique proven marketing strategies such as "Choose Your Neighbor", Pre-Listing Announcements, Pre-Listing Video's, and Video Tours for every listing. We suggest your read our client's reviews as well.

Q: Do you help or donate your time to the community?

A: At Country Club Lifestyle Realty a percentage of every transaction is placed back into the community we love.  The tennis and golf community supported our development as youth and as adults with our own children it is time to give back.

Q: Do you have experience in leasing, property management, or investing?

A: At Country Club Lifestyle Realty we have 15+ years of leasing, property management, and renovation experience. We currently manage approximately 100 homes, purchase 25 foreclosed properties annually, and sell 50 homes annually. Every foreclosure purchased is renovated by our increadable team of contractors consisting of carpentors, plumbers, electricians, and handymen.

Q: What is your marketing technique?

A: Our marketing material and time is focused on proven areas that maximize exposure.  Currently 90% of all buyers and sellers utilize the internet in some fashion to learn about real estate, local communities, and prices of homes.  At Country Club Lifestyle Realty we foster relationships that maximize our access to these individuals. In addition 20% of current home owners have moved or desire a move solely because their current location doesn’t fit their lifestyle. With our athletic and social knowledge, combined with continued interaction within the local communities, our marketing approach surpasses other real estate agencies. Lastly, we utilize video, social media, mobile phone advertisements, and our special "Choose Your Neighbor Campaign".  Our marketing techniques have shown to increase visit and overall exposure of every home.  Almost all of our client's homes are under contract or rent within 45 days.

Q: Do you utilize new forms of technology?

A: At Country Club Lifestyle Realty we utilize severeal forms of technology to make purchasing, selling, leasing, or managing a property easy. This includes Ipads, Smart Phones, Top Producer, QR Codes, and Social Media.

Q: What is the market like?

Believe it or not but the market is dependent on several factors.  First, there are REO properties, renting, resales, and newly built all of which behave differently.  One may be up while another is down.  Second, the overall housing market clearly has a trend and based on national value it has declined.  However, in Texas most local areas have witnessed only a lowed growth pattern. For current Market Statistics visit our blog.